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Horizontal and vertical structures are constructed above and sides of the openings of the building. The openings of the building are the windows and the doors provided for access, passage, and ventilation.


The concrete frame structure is used to construct and continue the masonry construction above and sides of the opening, such that the opening provided does not result in structural failures. 




1. Advantages


•Concrete frame structure avoids cracks around the windows or doors during installation or after installation.

•This will more strength to windows & doors installation. Screws fill directly fixes on the concrete. So, windows & doors can be fixed perfectly. This will avoid any shakes during the wind.

•They are not required to be constructed so firmly because over the ending supports of concrete frames the excessive load is not applied.

•Frameworks are inexpensive and shuttering of the frame is easy.

•They look simple and delicate.






2. Disadvantages


•Openings without concrete frames, cracks may appear during the doors or windows installation 

•During installation, screws are fixed in the hollow blocks. May screws fixed on the void area. It will reduce the strength of widow fixing.


•During high winds, windows might be shaking. 


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